Darwen Days in 2016

We're nearing the end of 2015 - I know it's just turned Autumnal outside but many of you are already thinking about Christmas and the upcoming festivities. At Darwen Days however, we're already thinking about 2016.

In our relatively short existence, Darwen Days has turned from one man's collection of Darwen photographs to a locally recognised website which boasts merchandise, including DVDs, cups and of course, the recently (November 2015) released book. We've built galleries and exhibitions, blogged, created a timeline, given talks in schools, attended many of the events in the local calendar - all to promote the depth of history our much loved, former mill town has to offer.

In 2016, we're going to be looking at promoting the site to younger Darreners and encouraging them to take photographs, write poems and short stories and save memorabilia in an effort to preserve the history of Darwen for future generations as we have- after all, we're not getting any younger- and Darwen boasts a lot of talented young people! 

As time as gone by and the internet has become more popular, close knit communities are becoming a thing of the past. Whereas thirty years ago kids played out in the street and our local pubs were packed on a Saturday night, culture has moved on and we're all more singular than before. 

Our mission has always been to preserve the history of Darwen before it is lost in time, creating a record for young and old alike. For older Darreners who are sometimes physically unable to traverse the steep hills and bracing weather as they once did enjoy accessing our galleries to relive old memories without the risk of being cold and potentially rained upon.

For our younger generations however, we're stepped up our game and you can find us on Instagram where we'll be publishing some of our 20,000 photographs and encouraging other users to do the same. Even if you take a photograph today, tomorrow it's already history! If you see any buildings being demolished, or repainted, houses being built or just capture the daily hustle and bustle of Darwen in a photograph of your own, please use the hashtag #DarwenDays so we can use it to preserve our local history. We will always give credit to the photographer, and ask permission before it is used anywhere else on the web.

The Darwen Days Team have big plans for 2016 - do you want to help us preserve our history?

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