Got a few hours to spare and want to immerse yourself in Darwen's rich history? Do you want to marvel at the thoughts and aspirations of Darreners from yesteryear? Look at how Darwen looked in previous decades or simply have a cheeky giggle at the hair cuts that we all used to deem fashionable? Then look no further!

Our official YouTube channel is where we keep all moving content that has been donated to us that includes cine films, home videos and VHS footage which we duly convert and upload to share with everyone else. We're particularly interested in footage that features locations in Darwen, such as the town centre, churches, markets and shops so the younger generations can see exactly how much the town has changed, but home videos of events like Darwen Gala or the Horticultural Show are fine too!

We now have the facilities to copy from VHS tapes and cinefilm footage, as well as modern video cameras, so please help us by preserving as much of our past as we can for our future generations. If you can donate any footage, please get in contact with a member of team, and we thank you in advance for sharing your little piece of Darwen's history with the rest of us.



Milne's car No. 50 passing through the circus in 1900

Slideshow of Darwen and Blackburn from the 1930s to the 1960s



Blackburn and Darwen Bus Archive

Fred Dibnah - How to climb a chimney overhang at 50+



Darwen Gala Parade - August 2003

The Diamond Jubilee Beacon - June 2012



Jubilee Tower Slideshow

Goodbye 2012



Harlem Shake - February 2013

Voxpop Episodes 1-10

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